“some of the most communicative Brahms I’ve ever heard…Having heard much of Nada’s Brahms survey up to this point, I believe that 25 years or so from now her Brahms will be looked upon as having the sort of historical distinction and significance that today is accorded to Julius Katchen, one of great Brahms interpreters of the past. But you don’t have to wait 25 years to appreciate Nada’s achievement; you can appreciate it in the here and now.” – Fanfare magazine, March/April 2019
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Global music award winning 25-track double album from Pianist Nada: “CAPRICCIOS & INTERMEZZOS: NADA & BRAHMS” released on the MEII Enterprises label.

  • “MEII Enterprises is proud to announce the release of “Capriccios & Intermezzos: Nada & Brahms,” a 25-track double album, the fourth in a series of albums featuring award-winning Pianist Nada’s recordings of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) works for solo piano.”  Read more
  • “I Felt He Was Here” – An Interview with Pianist Nada on Her Fourth Brahms Recording
  • “Pianist Nada has recorded an album that is not only a celebration of Brahms’s artistry, but a true aural delight. The recording itself has limited editing and therefore a very natural (less mixing, minimum reverb) sound that actually brings the listener closer to the performer. I relish this proximity to Pianist Nada, who is unafraid to bring out her own authenticity and unafraid to strip away a bit of the mystery surrounding the composer Brahms.” Read full article
  • “This double album makes a thoroughly convincing case for Nada’s ongoing championing of Brahms as a composer who is still not given his due as a composer for the piano; it should certainly convert any waverers.” Read full article

Just released: Pianist Nada Completes the Johannes Brahms Piano Solo Works Cycle. Read more