Originally from Beirut and now a U.S. citizen, Pianist Nada is an experienced artist who comes from a unique background – having lived through the Lebanese Civil War – and is of Hungarian and Lebanese descent. At the age of seventeen, after just seven years of studies, she entered the Paris Conservatory and was the first woman from the Middle East to take First Prize in piano. She also earned First Prize in chamber music and, with her trio, went on to study at the Banff Center for the Arts in Alberta, Canada in 1987. From 1989 to 1993 she studied with Gyorgy Sebok and also received coaching from Janos Starker, Josef Gingold and others in the Artist Diploma Program at Indiana University.

Following her American orchestral debut (Beethoven with the Louisville Orchestra, 1997), conductor Lawrence Leighton Smith said, “[Pianist Nada]…will be most deserving of every success that will undoubtedly come her way. I have rarely felt so satisfied in a collaboration … She is a major talent.

Nada’s core repertoire ranges from Mozart to Prokofiev, and in the past few years she has focused her attention on the solo and concert works of Johannes Brahms.

She has performed in prestigious halls worldwide, including the Steinway Hall in New York City, Kilbourn Hall at Eastman School of Music, Severance Hall in Cleveland and at the Salzburg Festival in Austria. In Paris and New York City, she has premiered works by Lebanese composers Bechara El Khoury and Elias Rahbani and recorded pieces by classical/jazz composer Eugene Marlow.

Nada’s most recent recordings explore the depth of poetry in Brahms’ music. These include the first recording on piano of his Organ Chorales, Op. 122 and other rarely-recorded works, alongside familiar pieces such as the Op. 39 Waltzes. Other Brahms CDs are in production on the MEII Enterprises label, and more are planned for 2019.

Residencies and Teaching

  • Piano Faculty at Ecole de La Legion d Honneur, Paris, France, 1986-1989
  • Adjunct Piano Instructor, Indiana University, IN, 1992-1994
  • Artist-in-Residence, New Performing Arts, Louisville, KY 1994-1997
  • Head, piano faculty at Lees College, Jackson, KY 1995-1996
  • Artist in Residence, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY, 1996-1997
  • Artist in Residence, Fairmont State College, Fairmont, WV, 1997
  • Artistic Director, Purely Piano, 1998-2007
  • Substitute teacher, Harbor Conservatory, NYC, 2001-2002
  • Teacher, Ridgewood Conservatory, Ridgewood NJ, 2001-2005
  • Private Piano Studio, Louisville, KY, 2006-present
  • Artist/lecture series, Pikeville University, 2015-2016

Public Media Appearances

  • KET – Kentucky Educational Television
  • WHAS Television
  • WUOL, Classical Radio Louisville
  • NPR Radio
  • WCHQ Classical Hour
  • Arab/Lebanese Television
  • The Music Treasury, KZSU-FM (CA, 2017)

Radio Broadcaster

  • WUOL, Classical 90.5 FM
  • WCHQ, 100.9 FM

Orchestra Performances

  • Belgrade Chamber Orchestra (Serbia, 1983)
  • Classical Hour Orchestra (2016, 2017)
  • Cleveland Women’s Orchestra (OH, 2017)
  • Fairmont Symphony (WV, 1992, ’93, 2001)
  • Indiana University Orchestra (IN, 1990, 1991)
  • Jupiter Symphony (NY, 1999)
  • Lakeside Symphony (OH, 2016)
  • Lakeside Symphony (OH, 2017)
  • Lebanese National Philharmonic Orchestra ( Lebanon, 2017)
  • Louisville Civic Orchestra (KY, 2018)
  • Louisville Orchestra (KY, 1997)
  • Philharmonia Orchestra (KY, 2014)

Solo Recitals/Chamber Music Performances

  • Assembly Hall (American University of Beirut, 1999)
  • Auditorium de Radio-France (Paris, 1985, ’86, ‘87)
  • Cagliari Festival (Sardinia, Italy, 1999)
  • Dayton Arts Institute (Ohio)
  • Eastman School of Music (NY, 1996)
  • Foundry United Methodist Church (DC, 1996) for President Bill Clinton
  • French Ministry of the Navy (Paris, 1998)
  • Georgetown College (KY, 2007)
  • Institut Curie (Paris, France, 2005)
  • Kentucky Center for the Arts (KY, 1997, 1998 and 2018)
  • Kentucky Educational Television
  • Lebanese American University (NY, 2005)
  • Maison des Artistes ( Lebanon, 2017)
  • Music Series at Port Charlotte Methodist Church ( FL)
  • Montpellier Festival (France, 1985, ’86, ‘87)
  • Norton Cancer Institute (Louisville, KY)
  • Pikeville University (KY, 2/2016 and 9/2016)
  • Salle Gaveau (Paris, 1984, ’86, ‘90)
  • Salle Montaigne (Beirut, Lebanon, 1981, ‘84)
  • Salzburg Festival (Austria, 1983, ’84, ‘85)
  • Severance Hall (Cleveland, OH, 2017)
  • Steinway Hall (NY, 2007)
  • Stowe Performing Arts (CT, 1997)
  • The Music Treasury, KZSU-FM (CA, 2017)
  • Tokyo, Japan & Nagoya, Japan (2011, ’12, ‘13)
  • Tri-Institutional Series Rockefeller University
  • WHAS Television & WUOL FM (Louisville, KY)
  • WRCJ brunch series (Detroit, MI)
  • Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo, 2011


“An astounding performance, a prodigious technique…” – Courier Journal, Louisville (Kentucky)
“Nada plays with a relentless power which infuses the music..” – Oakwood Register, Dayton (Ohio)
“An inspired performance … Nada played with confidence and poise…” – Herald Times, Bloomington (Indiana)
“The Grieg A minor piano concerto under Nada’s control and interpretation at the piano…. It was like hearing it for the first time… She played with style, passion, and thunder without being excessive or sentimental…” – Louisville, Freelance writing
“Nada has the modesty of the greatest. One can no longer find the interpreter, only the music, and that reverence of a hall left absolutely breathless.” – El Nahar (Middle East and Arab world)
“….there is no doubting Nada’s resonance with Brahms’ writing: she explores the quicksilver Variations on a Hungarian Theme with aplomb, and finds dignity in the Bach/Brahms Chaconne…” – International Piano, UK
“This is a gorgeous Brahms piano program from beginning to end…the exceptional playing and artistry of Nada” – Fanfare Magazine
“Nada’s interpretation … reveals the depth of poetry in Brahms’ music, and even makes it her own, in a uniquely insightful way – she brings out nuances & subtleties that are not always encountered in this music, and all of that is due to her artistry.” – Phoenix Classical, Canada

“The Brahms CD from pianist Nada is sublime!  An understanding coming straight from the heart.  A fabulous technique at the service of the deepest human expression!  A great musician!  A great CD!” – Composer Bechara El Khoury, France, 2016

“What I find particularly persuasive and spellbinding, really, about Nada’s performance is the crystalline purity of her tone and transparency of her voicing. There’s such clarity to her playing….” – Fanfare Magazine, November 2016

“Nada is a pianist of poetic depth, great artistry and rich musical insight.  She performs with brilliant technique and gives to each work a profound interpretation.  Her Brahms is sublime, she fully inhabits these works and brings out their many subtle layers of musical beauty – a truly world class and original artist.” – Nick Peros, Phoenix Classical, July 2017

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